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Lavender Syrup

Lavender Syrup

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Our Lavender Simple Syrup is meticulously crafted to add a touch of floral enchantment to your favorite beverages. This delightful concoction infuses the soothing essence of lavender into every drop, creating a truly captivating sensory experience.

Imagine the gentle aroma of fresh lavender blossoms, gracefully mingling with your favorite lattes, teas, and more. With our Lavender Simple Syrup, you can effortlessly transform ordinary drinks into extraordinary delights. Whether you desire a fragrant lavender latte to start your morning or a relaxing lavender-infused tea to unwind in the evening, this syrup is your passport to a world of irresistible flavors.

Care Instructions

You can reuse your syrup pump by cleaning it with soap and hot water. Be sure to rinse it well so that no soap residue remains. With most dishwashing machines, you can clean your pump using the top rack.

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Just One More Pump

The Simple Syrup Pump, the unsung hero in the world of coffee! This marvelous little gadget is always at the ready to add a touch of sweetness to your life, one pump at a time. So, raise your glasses to the Simple Syrup Pump, the reliable companion that keeps life flowing smoothly and sweetly!