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Hibiscus Ginger Syrup

Hibiscus Ginger Syrup

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A bit of my culture in a bottle! This syrup is influenced by a Jamaican drink called Sorrel. 

Savor the invigorating combination of zesty ginger and the natural sweetness of hibiscus flowers. The vibrant floral notes intermingle with the spicy warmth of ginger, creating a truly invigorating and refreshing tea infusion. Each bottle is carefully crafted to preserve the authentic flavors, ensuring a remarkable and consistent taste that will keep you coming back for more.

From enhancing your morning smoothies to drizzling it over your favorite desserts, our syrup adds a touch of magic to any dish. Picture a dollop of our syrup swirling into your yogurt, transforming it into a delightful, sweet-tart indulgence. Imagine the delightful glaze it creates when brushed onto roasted meats or vegetables, infusing them with a burst of flavor and irresistible aroma.

Care Instructions

You can reuse your syrup pump by cleaning it with soap and hot water. Be sure to rinse it well so that no soap residue remains. With most dishwashing machines, you can clean your pump using the top rack.

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The Simple Syrup Pump, the unsung hero in the world of coffee! This marvelous little gadget is always at the ready to add a touch of sweetness to your life, one pump at a time. So, raise your glasses to the Simple Syrup Pump, the reliable companion that keeps life flowing smoothly and sweetly!